Post Doctorate
Qiongyue Zhang

Personal Profile

The Attending Physician in the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. The member of the diabetes education and management group, the member of the endocrinology of Shanghai branch of Chinese medical association, and the member of the Shanghai medical association branch. Received the bachelor's degree in clinical medicine from southeast university and the medicine doctor's degree from fudan university. Participate in partly translation work about the Chinese versions of Harrison Endocrinology and Diabetes Care.

Research Interests

Be committed to the research on the pathogenesis of obesity and the prevention and treatment of its complications, especially the regulatory mechanisms of the adipose tissue browning, as well as the molecular mechanisms of neuroendocrine regulation.

Honors and Awards

North Hospital of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University “Border Aid Award”, and “Dedication Award”.

Selected Publications

  1. Jing Su#, Wei Wu#, Shan Huang#, Ruidan Xue, Yi Wang, Yun Wan, Lv Zhang, Lang Qin, Qiongyue Zhang, Xiaoming Zhu, Zhaoyun Zhang, Hongying Ye, Xiaohui Wu*, Yiming Li*. PKA-RIIB Deficiency Induces Brown Fat-like Adipocytes in Inguinal WAT and Promotes Energy Expenditure in MaleFVB/NJ Mice, Endocrinology. 2017, 158: 1-14.

  2. Wang Yi#, Zhang Qiongyue, Yang Jianzhi, Zhao Xiaolong, He Min, Shou Xuefei, Li Shiqi, Li Yiming, Wang Yongfei*, Ye Hongying*. Recovery of HPA Axis Function After Successful Gonadotropin-Induced Pregnancy and Delivery in a Woman With Panhypopituitarism Case Report and Review. Medicine (Baltimore). 2015, 94: e1607.

  3. Wan Yun#, Xue Ruidan, Wang Yi, Zhang Qiongyue, Huang Shan, Wu Wei, Ye Hongying, Zhang Zhaoyun, Li Yiming*. The effect of neuropeptide Y on brown-like adipocyte's differentiation and activation. Peptides, 2015, 63: 126-133.

  4. Zhang Qiongyue#, Miao Qing#, Ye Hongying#, Zhang Zhaoyun, Zuo Chuantao, Hua Fengchun, Guan Yihui, Li Yiming*. The effects of thyroid hormones on brown adipose tissue in humans: a PET-CT study. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, 2014, 30: 513-520.

  5. Zhang Qiongyue#, Ye Hongying#, Miao Qing#, Zhang Zhaoyun, Wang Yi, Zhu Xiaoming, Zhang Shuo, Zuo Chuantao, Zhang Zhengwei, Huang Zhemin, Xue Ruidan, Zeng Meifang, Huang Haiyan, Jin Wanzhu, Tang Qiqun, Guan Yihui*, Li, Yiming*. Differences in the metabolic status of healthy adults with and without active brown adipose tissue. Wien Klin Wochenschr, 2013, 125: 687-695.