The Institute of Metabolism and Integrative Biology (IMIB),Fudan University, takes the “double first-class” construction as an opportunity to build the world's top research institution for metabolism and integrative biology, and to promote cross-over and integrated research across the core fields of life sciences, such as metabolism, cell, biochemistry, genetics, immunity, nerve, reproduction, development, mathematics, engineering, and clinical research. IMIB's aim is to achieve a breakthrough in the original innovative theory of basic biology research in metabolism and related fields, while achieving breakthroughs in basic research and clinical transformation of human metabolic related diseases.

IMIB has long-term cooperation with the School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine, Affiliated Hospitals of Fudan University, and the well-known foreign metabolic research institutes. With humans, model animals and plants, and microorganisms as the research objects, and the cross-research of metabolism, genetics and development as a breakthrough, IMIB works for exploring the mechanisms of metabolism biosensing and signal transduction, revealing their regulatory mechanisms for life activities, and studying the occurrence and development mechanisms of biological metabolic processes. IMIB focuses on the following main directions and key scientific issues: 1. The molecular mechanism of metabolic regulation; 2. The occurrence/development mechanism and intervention methods of metabolic homeostasis; 3. The development of relevant platforms and new technologies for metabolic and integrated biological research.