Part-time PI
Feng Zhang

Professor of Genetics
Tel: 0086-21-31246783
Office Address: Room E601, Building of Life Sciences, Fudan University


Personal Profile

Professor, Institute of Metabolism and Integrative Biology, Fudan University
Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Fudan University
Deputy Director, State Key Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, China

Research Interests
Human genetic variations and their roles in human diseases such as birth defects and infertility.

Honors and Awards

  • 2017  Translational Medicine Award, Shanghai Guangci Translational Medicine Foundation

  • 2015  Outstanding Achievements Award, WuXi PharmaTech Life Science and Chemistry Awards

  • 2015  2015 Grand Challenges—Young Scientists, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Selected Publications

  1. Wang L#, Zhang Y#, Fu X#, Dong S#, Tang S, Zhang N, Song C, Yang N, Zhang L, Wang H, Shi H, Jin L, Zhang F*, Li J#, Hua K*. Joint utilization of genetic analysis and semi-cloning technology reveals a digenic etiology of Müllerian anomalies. Cell Research, 2020, 30(1): 91-94.

  2. Liu C, He X, Liu W, Yang S, Wang L, Li W, Wu H, Tang S, Ni X, Wang J, Gao Y, Tian S, Zhang L, Cong J, Zhang Z, Tan Q, Zhang J, Li H, Zhong Y, Lv M, Li J, Jin L, Cao Y*, Zhang F*. Bi-allelic Mutations in TTC29 Cause Male Subfertility with Asthenoteratospermia in Humans and Mice. American Journal of Human Genetics, 2019, 105: 1168-1181.

  3. Liu W#, He X#, Yang S#, Zouari R, Wang J, Wu H, Kherraf ZE, Liu C, Coutton C, Zhao R, Tang D, Tang S, Lv M, Fang Y, Li W, Li H, Zhao J, Wang X, Zhao S, Zhang J, Arnoult C, Jin L, Zhang Z, Ray PF, Cao Y*, Zhang F*. Bi-allelic Mutations in TTC21A Induce Asthenoteratospermia in Humans and Mice. American Journal of Human Genetics, 2019, 104(4): 738-748.

  4. Tang S#, Wang X#, Li W#, Yang X#, Li Z#, Liu W, Li C, Zhu Z, Wang L, Wang J, Zhang L, Sun X, Zhi E, Wang H, Li H, Jin L, Luo Y, Wang J, Yang S*, Zhang F*. Biallelic Mutations in CFAP43 and CFAP44 Cause Male Infertility with Multiple Morphological Abnormalities of the Sperm Flagella. American Journal of Human Genetics, 2017, 100(6): 854-864.

  5. Wu N#, Ming X#, Xiao J#, Wu Z#, Chen X#, Shinawi M, Shen Y, Yu G, Liu J, Xie H, Gucev ZS, Liu S, Yang N, Al-Kateb H, Chen J, Zhang J, Hauser N, Zhang T, Tasic V, Liu P, Su X, Pan X, Liu C, Wang L, Shen J, Shen J, Chen Y, Zhang T, Zhang J, Choy KW, Wang J, Wang Q, Li S, Zhou W, Guo J, Wang Y, Zhang C, Zhao H, An Y, Zhao Y, Wang J, Liu Z, Zuo Y, Tian Y, Weng X, Sutton VR, Wang H, Ming Y, Kulkarni S, Zhong TP, Giampietro PF, Dunwoodie SL, Cheung SW, Zhang X, Jin L, Lupski JR, Qiu G*, Zhang F*. TBX6 Null Variants and a Common Hypomorphic Allele in Congenital Scoliosis. New England Journal of Medicine, 2015, 372: 341-350.