Metabolic Control and Disease Development Sub-Forum

Introduction of Metabolic Control and Disease Development Sub-Forum

   Fudan-Guanghua International Forum for Young Scholars aims to create communication platforms for global young talented scholars of various research fields to discuss cutting-edge research spotlights, to resolve frontier academic problems and to enhance cooperation among distinct disciplines.

   Metabolic Control and Disease Development Sub-Forum will be held by Institute of Metabolism and Integrative Biology from Dec. 26th~ 27th.

Introduction to Institute of Metabolism and Integrative Biology (IMIB)

    The Institute of Metabolism and Integrative Biology (IMIB) of Fudan University is built based on the Double First-rate initiative, focusing on metabolism and integrative biology. We are devoted to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between metabolic researches and other disciplines in life sciences, including (but not limited to) cell biology, genetics, immunology, lipidomics and metabolomics, imaging, bioinformatics, biophysical modelling and engineering. With this integrative research approach, we aim to establish a world-class research center in metabolism and integrative biology.

     IMIB is located at the Jiangwan Campus of Fudan University, Shanghai, China. It occupies ~16, 000 square meters of laboratory space in a brand-new research building. With generous support from Fudan University, IMIB will build state-of-the-art facilities including an advanced imaging center, a lipidomics and metabolomics center, and an animal facility.

   IMIB is planning to recruit ~30 independent principle investigators (PIs) and unlimited number of postdoctoral fellows internationally. Highly competitive start-up packages/salaries/housing allowance will be provided for the qualified candidates. The research should be integrated into one of the three disciplines of IMIB namely, (1) the molecular basis of metabolic homeostasis, (2) development and intervention for metabolic disorders, (3) invention of new technologies and platforms applicable to metabolic and integrated biology research.

Application Requirements


1.Age below 40.

2.Hold Ph.D. degree from internationally renowned universities.

3.Have remarkable achievements and great potentials in specific research area.

Super Postdoctoral Proposals

1.Age is preferred under 35 years old;

2.Ph.D. candidate or certificated Ph.D. degree within 3 years generally;

3.Outstanding Ph.D. candidate or Ph.D. holder from the top 100 universities or disciplines ranked in the top 100 worldwide (2019 U.S. News, QS, TIMES and ARWU); Outstanding Ph.D. candidate and Ph.D. holder from C9 League universities in China or from the A+ subjects of discipline assessment (2018 Ministry of Education of China); Other candidates for Ph.D. or Ph.D. holders with outstanding achievements.

Application Procedure

Visit and choose “Application” to complete your application online before November 24th, 2019. Qualified applicants will receive official invitation letter via E-mail before December 4th, 2019, to participate in the Forum.

Accommodation, meals and travel allowance will be provided by Fudan University in accordance with national conditions.


Dec.25   All Day     Registration

Dec.26   Morning    Opening ceremony& invited lectures

Afternoon   Lectures and discussions between young scholars and directors of University Departments in each subforum

Dec.27   All Day    Detailed communications on advanced supporting policies directly between departments and young scholars

Contact us

The Institute of Metabolism and Integrative Biology, Fudan University

Ms. Yun CHEN

Tel: +86-021-31246789

Email: yun_chen@

Talent Affairs Office/ Human Resources Department, Fudan University

(Faculties) Ms. Ren/ Ms. Zhang: +86-021-65654795/55664593

(Super Postdoctoral Proposals) Mr. Wei: +86-021-65643992